Company Profile | Aug 25

Mio Global

PPG-based heart rate monitoring wrisbands

Wearable Electronics

Company Profile | Aug 25

i4c Innovations

Pet health monitoring

Wearable Electronics

Company Profile | Aug 25


Develops smart accessories for horses

Wearable Electronics

Company Profile | Aug 24


IoT middleware platform for device integration

Industrial Internet of Things

Company Profile | Aug 24


Solar installer for low-income households

Solar, Distributed Generation

Company Profile | Aug 24

Nirvana Energy Systems

Distributed thermoacoustic combined heat and power (CHP) systems

Distributed Generation

Company Profile | Aug 24


Connected product development platform

Industrial Internet of Things

Company Profile | Aug 24


Trash bin that automatically sorts recyclables and collects waste data

Sustainable Building Materials

Company Profile | Aug 24


Remote pipeline monitoring solution for oil and gas

Sensors, Industrial Internet of Things, Exploration and Production

Interview date: Aug 29

Next IT

Electronic User Interfaces |

Publication date: Aug 30

LeydenJar Technologies

Energy Storage | Developer and supplier of silicon anodes for lithium ion batteries

Publication date: Aug 30

Infinitus Global

Electronic User Interfaces | VR hardware and software service for enterprise

Publication date: Aug 30

Fluidic Energy

Energy Storage | Metal air batteries with ionic liquids, for stationary applications

Publication date: Aug 30

Project Ray

Electronic User Interfaces | Smartphone and control apps for blind people

Publication date: Aug 30

Ceres Power

Energy Storage | Solid oxide fuel cell systems for residential combined heat and power

Publication date: Aug 30

Alkilu Enterprises

Electronic User Interfaces | Consumer products with OLED lighting

Interview date: Aug 30

Astro Digital

Agro Innovation | Satellite imagery for agricultural applications

Interview date: Aug 30

R&D Core

Electronic User Interfaces |

Publication date: Aug 31

Wireless Power & Communication

Exploration and Production, Sensors | Wireless power transmission for subsea operations

Publication date: Aug 31


Sensors | Flexible pressure, temperature, and vibration sensors for prosthetics and robotics

Publication date: Aug 31


Bio-based Materials and Chemicals | Produces heavy oils for lubricants and greases from vegetable oils via electrochemical process

Publication date: Aug 31


Bio-based Materials and Chemicals | Blends commercially available polymers for compostable films used for flexible food packaging

Publication date: Aug 31

Enhanced Drilling

Exploration and Production | Drilling solutions for the offshore industry

Interview date: Aug 31


Agro Innovation | Plant nutrition, crop protection and formulation services

Publication date: Aug 31

GA Drilling

Exploration and Production | Non-contact, thermal heat based drilling tool

Publication date: Sep 1

Lifesense Group

Wearable Electronics, Digital Health and Wellness | Develops smart underwear for women

Publication date: Sep 1


Digital Health and Wellness | Integrated, cartridge-based, POC diagnostic platform

Interview date: Sep 1

Looking Glass Factory

Electronic User Interfaces |

Publication date: Sep 4

Targeted Growth, Inc.

Agro Innovation | Increased crop yields through cell cycle disruption

Publication date: Sep 4

Iron Goat Tech

Agro Innovation, Autonomous Systems 2.0 | In-field pelletizing machinery for forage crops

Publication date: Sep 4


Agro Innovation | Tropical weather forecasts for smallholder farmers

Publication date: Sep 4


Advanced Materials, Industrial Big Data and Analytics | Artificial intelligence modeling platform for big data

Publication date: Sep 4


Food and Nutrition, Agro Innovation | Crop modification using TALENs; developing food ingredients

Publication date: Sep 4

Eora 3D

Advanced Materials | Low-cost high-resolution 3D scanners

Publication date: Sep 4


Intelligent Buildings | Ultrathin window and door sensors for smart home applications

Publication date: Sep 4


Agro Innovation | Farm management ERP software

Publication date: Sep 4


Intelligent Buildings | Manufacturer and developer of gas sensors for commercial and industrial applications

Publication date: Sep 4


Agro Innovation | Attract-and-kill deltamethrine-based Medfly trap

Publication date: Sep 5


Alternative Fuels, Bio-based Materials and Chemicals | Develops anaerobic microbes to convert CO, CO2, and H2 containing gas streams into ethanol and chemicals

Publication date: Sep 6

Micro Turbine Technology

Sustainable Building Materials | Developer of micro turbines for combined heat and power

Interview date: Sep 6

ISCA Tecnologias

Agro Innovation | Biopesticide pheremone/semiochemical products and delivery devices

Publication date: Sep 7

Ubiquitous Networking and Computing (Ubinec) Ltd

Distributed Generation | Cloud-based energy efficiency solution provider

Publication date: Sep 7


Water | Catalytic reduction to remove nitrate via conversion to water and nitrogen

Publication date: Sep 7


Water | Developer and manufacturer of flat sheet ceramic membrane

Publication date: Sep 7

Nanostone Water

Water | MF and UF ceramic membranes at cost comparable to polymeric membranes

Publication date: Sep 7


Sustainable Building Materials | Aluminum bridge decking

Interview date: Sep 8

Saturn Bioponics

Agro Innovation | Vertical farming shelving system

Publication date: Sep 13


Energy Storage | Technology developer of nano-scale metal structures for lithium ion batteries

Publication date: Sep 13


Electronic User Interfaces |

Publication date: Sep 14


Exploration and Production | Hydrocarbon-based additive to reduce diluent fractions

Publication date: Sep 15

Akili Interactive Labs

Digital Health and Wellness |

Publication date: Sep 18

Cotyledon Consulting

Agro Innovation | Precision herbicide technology platform that uses RNA interference to safely control multiple weed species

Publication date: Sep 18


Intelligent Buildings | Provider of NEMS-based multi-gas sensors for various applications, including buildings and oil and gas infrastructure

Publication date: Sep 18


Intelligent Buildings | Hyper-local air quality monitoring using proprietary optical MEMS sensor

Publication date: Sep 18

Terra Biologics

Agro Innovation | Microbial soil amendments

Publication date: Sep 18


Advanced Materials | develops and licenses liquid crystal polymers for semiconductor packaging and structural applications

Publication date: Sep 18


Intelligent Buildings | Provider of software and hardware capable of integrating with smart devices and energy management devices

Publication date: Sep 18


Intelligent Buildings, Electronic User Interfaces | Voice activated home automation system

Publication date: Sep 21


Water | Selective drying and evaporation process for leachate, sludge and water treatment

Publication date: Sep 21

Sofi Filtration

Water |

Publication date: Oct 2


Agro Innovation | Multispectral sensor for precision ag

Publication date: Oct 3


Alternative Fuels, Energy Storage | Methanogenic archaea produce natural gas from CO2 and hydrogen

Publication date: Oct 16


Agro Innovation | Nutritionally improved forages to increase grass-livestock conversion rate

Publication date: Oct 30

S4 Agtech

Agro Innovation | B2B farm management software

Publication date: Oct 30


Agro Innovation | Solar-powered in-field crop and weather sensor

Publication date: Oct 30


Agro Innovation | Agronomic crop growth models for yield forecasts and input prescriptions

Publication date: Nov 29

Mustard Products & Technologies

Agro Innovation | Nematicides and biologicals from mustard seed

Publication date: Dec 24

Digital Harvest

Agro Innovation | UAVs and software management platform for precision agriculture

Interview date: Mar 14


Power, Mobile Energy, Energy Storage |


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