Company Profile | Sep 28

Wireless Power & Communication AS

Wireless power transmission for subsea operations

Sensors, Exploration and Production

Company Profile | Sep 28

Spiber Inc.

Genetically engineers microbes to produce synthetic spider silk for textile applications

Bio-based Materials and Chemicals, Advanced Materials

Company Profile | Sep 28

Smart Planet Technologies

Develops new barrier materials used in packaging applications

Food and Nutrition, Bio-based Materials and Chemicals, Advanced Materials

Company Profile | Sep 28

Danish Technological Institute Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) group

MEOR consulting services for the oil and gas industry

Exploration and Production

Company Profile | Sep 28

Natcore Technology

Black silicon solar cells, laser doping and aluminum foil metalization processing, and Ge/SiO₂ QD solar cells


Company Profile | Sep 28

Rayton Solar

Applying ion implant process for wafering of float-zone silicon


Company Profile | Sep 28


Subsurface evaluations for enhanced oil recovery and geothermal projects

Exploration and Production

Company Profile | Sep 28


Cd-free luminescent quantum dots

Sustainable Building Materials, Solar, Electronic User Interfaces

Publication date: Sep 29


Wearable Electronics, Digital Health and Wellness | Data analytics platform for gesture recognition

Publication date: Sep 29


Wearable Electronics, Digital Health and Wellness | Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring wearable

Publication date: Sep 29

iMPak Health

Digital Health and Wellness | Symptom management and medication adherence solutions

Publication date: Sep 29

4D Healthware

Digital Health and Wellness | Patient care management platform

Interview date: Sep 30


Alternative Fuels | Screw-conveyor-based torrefaction, pyrolysis, and gasification

Publication date: Oct 2


Intelligent Buildings, Electronic User Interfaces | Voice activated home automation system

Publication date: Oct 2


Intelligent Buildings |

Publication date: Oct 2


Agro Innovation | Plant nutrition, crop protection and formulation services

Publication date: Oct 2


Intelligent Buildings | Smart-lighting control and environmental sensing system

Publication date: Oct 2


Intelligent Buildings | Manufacturer and developer of gas sensors for demand control ventilation for commercial buildings

Publication date: Oct 2

Advanced Fabric Technology

Advanced Materials | Auxetic composite textile modeling and production for blast protection and other applications

Publication date: Oct 2

Free Form Fibers

Advanced Materials | Ceramic fiber production by laser-assisted chemical vapor deposition

Publication date: Oct 2


Agro Innovation, Sensors | Multispectral sensor and aerial imagery analysis for precision agriculture

Publication date: Oct 2


Intelligent Buildings | Ultrathin window and door sensors for smart home applications

Publication date: Oct 2

Technology Assessment & Transfer

Advanced Materials | Developer of ceramic materials and processes for 3D printing and defense applications

Publication date: Oct 3


Alternative Fuels | Methanogenic archaea produce natural gas from CO2 and hydrogen

Publication date: Oct 3


Alternative Fuels, Sustainable Building Materials | Recycles aluminum from maminated packaging waste via microwave-induced pyrolysis

Publication date: Oct 3


Food and Nutrition | Alginate-based microencapsulation for probiotics, omega-3, bitter, and sensitive ingredients

Publication date: Oct 3


Food and Nutrition | Producer of controlled release flavors and ingredients

Publication date: Oct 3

PURE Bioscience

Water, Food and Nutrition | Silver dihydrogen citrate antimicrobial

Interview date: Oct 3

FreeWave Technologies

Industrial Internet of Things | Machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless communication technologies

Interview date: Oct 3


Electronic User Interfaces |

Interview date: Oct 3

Biochar Now

Bio-based Materials and Chemicals, Agro Innovation | Biochar materials for agricultural, environmental, and chemical applications

Interview date: Oct 4


Exploration and Production | Suction anchor technology for subsea wellheads

Publication date: Oct 4

Augmented Pixels

Autonomous Systems 2.0 | vSLAM SDK for drones, robots, and VR

Publication date: Oct 4

Drono Robotics Inc

Autonomous Systems 2.0 | Develops fully autonomous drones

Publication date: Oct 5


Distributed Generation | Evergen provides a complete solar plus storage product with energy management software for residential applications

Publication date: Oct 5

Bit Stew

Industrial Internet of Things | Data integration and analytics platform for Industrial IoT

Publication date: Oct 5

Waterdragon Envirotech Ltd

Water | Multi-step advanced oxidation process for organics and pathogen removal from water

Publication date: Oct 5


Sensors, Industrial Internet of Things | Sensors and Gateways for LoRa

Publication date: Oct 5

Valor Water Analytics

Water | Software-as-a-service to manage revenue and other parameters for water utilities

Publication date: Oct 5


Agro Innovation, Industrial Internet of Things | Enterprise industrial IoT platform

Interview date: Oct 5

Inflowcontrol AS

Exploration and Production | Autonomous inflow control technology for the oil and gas industry

Interview date: Oct 5


Agro Innovation | Weather and crop status prediction algorithms

Interview date: Oct 5


Agro Innovation | Job management platform for agricultural position contracting

Publication date: Oct 5


Sustainable Building Materials | Sealant materials and integrated system to test and seal air ducts

Publication date: Oct 5


Water | Ultra low energy switchable forward osmosis draw solution

Publication date: Oct 5


Distributed Generation | Hardware and systems control for distributed generation and microgrid applications

Interview date: Oct 6

SAS Environmental Services

Exploration and Production | Oil waste treatment, and pipeline cleaning services

Interview date: Oct 7

Ad Terram

Agro Innovation | Organic seed treatments and soil amendments

Publication date: Oct 11

Leap Motion

Electronic User Interfaces | 3D motion and position sensors

Publication date: Oct 11

Quantum Materials Corporation

Electronic User Interfaces | Quantum dot manufacturer

Publication date: Oct 11


Electronic User Interfaces | Haptic control software

Publication date: Oct 11

Sinovia Technologies

Electronic User Interfaces | Silver nanowire transparent conductive films

Publication date: Oct 12

MBL Industries

Exploration and Production | Positively charged fracking water for shale formations

Publication date: Oct 12

Aridea Solutions

Exploration and Production | Pneumatic valve system operated via the internet for remote control at hard to access midstream sites

Publication date: Oct 12

PixController Inc

Exploration and Production | Stray methane leak detection monitoring system for the oil and gas industry.

Interview date: Oct 12


Alternative Fuels | Develops modular gasification units for CHP generation

Publication date: Oct 12

Link Labs

Industrial Internet of Things |

Publication date: Oct 13


Digital Health and Wellness | Digital dental floss dispenser

Interview date: Oct 14

Farmers Business Network

Agro Innovation | Aggregate farmer-shared data platform

Publication date: Oct 16


Intelligent Buildings | Provider of NEMS-based multi-gas sensors for various applications, including buildings and oil and gas infrastructure

Publication date: Oct 16

ARIA Technologies

Intelligent Buildings | Outdoor air quality forecasting

Publication date: Oct 16

ISCA Tecnologias

Agro Innovation | Biopesticide pheremone/semiochemical products and delivery devices

Publication date: Oct 16


Intelligent Buildings |

Publication date: Oct 17

Cortus Energy

Alternative Fuels | Developed and patented a biomass gasification technology

Publication date: Oct 17


Alternative Fuels | Continuous process for production of biodiesel using solid catalyst

Interview date: Oct 18


Agro Innovation | Polymer adjuvants to enhance agrichemical effectiveness and reduce drift

Publication date: Oct 19

Aqueous Solutions Global

Water | Media for heavy metals, pathogens, and chemicals removal

Interview date: Oct 19


Water, Agro Innovation | Provides water savings through an integrated planting technology

Publication date: Oct 19


Industrial Internet of Things | Cybersecurity management platform for industrial networks

Publication date: Oct 19

VG SmartGlass

Sustainable Building Materials | Switchable polarization-based glass technology for dynamic windows

Interview date: Oct 20


Agro Innovation | Hydroponic vertical farming in shipping containers

Publication date: Oct 25


Electronic User Interfaces |

Publication date: Oct 26

Oil Chem Technologies

Exploration and Production | Surfactants and chemicals for enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

Publication date: Oct 26


Exploration and Production, Industrial Internet of Things | Inventory analytics for the oil and gas industry

Publication date: Oct 26

nFluids Inc

Advanced Materials, Exploration and Production | Nanotech solutions for wellbore strengthening and drilling mud losses

Publication date: Oct 26

Radio Data Networks

Water, Industrial Internet of Things | Custom built and Off the shelf real-time monitoring, alarm, and telemetry solutions

Publication date: Oct 30


Agro Innovation | Solar-powered in-field crop and weather sensor

Publication date: Oct 30


Intelligent Buildings | Hardware developer with comprehensive suite of HEM devices and integrated control platform

Publication date: Oct 30

S4 Agtech

Agro Innovation | B2B farm management software

Publication date: Oct 30


Agro Innovation | Agronomic crop growth models for yield forecasts and input prescriptions

Publication date: Oct 31

Airex Energy

Alternative Fuels | Torrefaction using a cyclonic bed reactor

Publication date: Nov 9

Advanced Plasma Solutions

Advanced Materials, Exploration and Production | Application of plasma for natural gas flaring

Publication date: Nov 9


Exploration and Production | Oil spill clean up products for industrial purpose

Publication date: Nov 9

Lawrie Technology Inc

Advanced Materials, Exploration and Production | Composite wirelines, and slicklines for the oil and gas industry

Publication date: Nov 13

Astro Digital

Agro Innovation | Satellite imagery for agricultural applications

Publication date: Nov 13

Farm Dog

Agro Innovation | Precision agriculture record keeping platform for smaller-scale farms

Publication date: Nov 14

PowerHouse Energy Group

Alternative Fuels | Holding company of Pyromex, a pyrolysis/gasification technology for waste to energy

Publication date: Nov 14

Biothermica Technologies Inc.

Alternative Fuels | Captures and destroys methane waste gases from landfills and mines

Publication date: Nov 16

OleumTech Corporation

Water, Exploration and Production, Industrial Internet of Things | M2M communications and automation solutions for a range of industries

Publication date: Nov 29

Mustard Products & Technologies

Agro Innovation | Nematicides and biologicals from mustard seed

Publication date: Dec 24

Digital Harvest

Agro Innovation | UAVs and software management platform for precision agriculture

Interview date: Mar 14


Power, Mobile Energy, Energy Storage |


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